Jared McCammon

Founder, Lead Developer


Formal education received in:
Manhattan Beach, California
New York, New York

Industries worked in: Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications & Marketing

Other Interests: Music, Comedy, Cooking, Inventing, Reading, Writing, Adventuring, Climbing, Surfing, Hiking

Jared McCammon is an entrepreneur, programmer, web developer, designer, director, producer, video technician, audio engineer, and musician. He has started several successful businesses, the most recent of which being Eddywhere Cooperative, Inc, which he co-founded. He has developed, coded, and designed websites for everything from school districts to musicians. His logos can be seen online, on products, and in print. Jared has directed and produced successful music videos featured on blogs such as Jay Z’s “Life and Times.” He has toured as a video tech with bands such as Maroon 5, Blink 182, and Incubus. He has audio engineered hundreds of songs, including his own music, many of which can be found on major music outlets such as Spotify and iTunes. He is currently using his skills from the tech and music industries, and applying them to the field of education in countless creative ways, constantly striving to push the envelope of technology and multimedia experiences in education.

Jared began working in the field of education when he was commissioned to design and develop a badging site for a California public school. Since then, his work in badging and the gamification of professional development in education has received much recognition, including awards for advancement of technology in education.