Ellen Zimet

Creative Writer, Senior Developer

Life Time Awards: Over $55,000,000 in small school, state, federal and foundation grants

Self-Employed:Strange and Whimsical Art

Formal education received in:
Brookline, MA
Brooklyn, NY
Northridge, CA

Industries worked in: Educational Services and Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

Ellen Zimet was born in New York City but grew up in Brookline, Massachusetts. After graduating from high school as an art major, she attended Pratt Institute in New York City where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising.

Like so many others, her life’s journey took her down a wide variety of paths, which included fashion design, merchandising, teaching art and ceramics in middle schools, writing grants, serving as an administrator in the Los Angeles Unified School District at the school and district levels and finally as an educational consultant working throughout California and neighboring states. She used her artistry to procure over $50,000,000 in small school, state, federal and foundation grants and at 83 is still involved in projects that support educational innovation.

Ellen’s Master Thesis (1976) was to determine whether a non-academic teacher with some training in the teaching of reading could be successful in the teaching of reading to students with whom there was a non-academic mutual interest. The answer was yes. Education can happen anywhere, by anyone,