Amy McCammon

Founder, Project Manager, Senior Developer

Formal education received in:
Van Nuys, California
Northridge, California
Mercer Island, Washington
Carson, California

Industries worked in: Health and Wellness, Education and Training, Management of Companies and Enterprises, Government and Public Administration

Amy McCammon holds a Masters in Educational Technology and a Bachelors in Liberal Studies. She is a founder of Eddywhere, a cooperative of creative consultants and content creators, specializing in educational integration. Amy has had the opportunity to work with learners ages 2-82. She has years of experience in educational theory and pedagogy working with hundreds of schools throughout the country some as a teacher and others as a consultant or educational coach. She has provided many workshops and presentations in educational (including higher ed), health services, and governmental settings.

These workshops and presentations have highlighted the top research in the areas of health literacy, global literacy, technology integration, curriculum, and assessment.  Amy has been instrumental in the start-up of five schools, two charter, two pilot and one public school in Southern California. She has also developed three California Consumer Cooperatives and has performed the dual roles of Manager of the Fiscal/Human Resources and Educational Consultant.

Amy has spent numerous years working with K-12 schools in the area of early and secondary literacy.  The past few years she was lead designer for an innovative project called the World of Work. The resources for the World of Work introduced careers education as young as Kindergarten. The beauty of the project was that if you visited a World of Work classroom you would say, these students are reading, writing, speaking and listening and learning about the World of Work. Her next goal is to maximize her knowledge of literacy and learning to create a world where all students are inspired readers and know themselves.