Current and Past Projects

Play-Based Learning Experiences

Developing interactive, trans-media Learning Experiences for learners of all ages, anywhere, anytime.


Creating engaging experiences, where each student’s learning journey is unique and exciting. We are utilizing foundations of machine learning and personal choice to gamify the entire educational process, not just individual learning experiences.

Eddywhere Web Design

Our key goals are to create and curate resources that promote reading comprehension, learning from multi-platforms and helping individuals know themselves.

Job Attainment and Employability Skills

The Eddywhere team can help you develop programs and resources to help students become interested in career fields, while learning job skills along the way in fields that will be relevant to them when they are joining the workforce.

Financial Wellbeing

The Path to Financial Literacy

To be financially literate, means that you understand how the decisions you make today, influence your financial life of tomorrow.

The Eddywhere team helped to develop a curriculum with experts in the field of financial wellbeing. Our task was to develop a curriculum to teach financial literacy without teaching financial literacy.