About Us

Who is Eddywhere?

We are a cooperative of educational consultants, creative consultants and content creators, specializing in the development of resources and platforms that promote education anywhere… Eddywhere.  Our Workforce is comprised of experienced educators, artists, designers, and developers. We collaborate with you to create unique content for your personal or professional needs. 

Meet Our Team

Eddywhere truly embodies the ideals of the cooperative. Our team is one big family, and we are proud to be working together towards our collective goals. All of our team members are multi-talented and most of us maintain multiple jobs and passion projects in many various fields.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to support people in curating their education, by using the collective knowledge of the community. 

What Sets Us Apart

Creative Consulting

Before we start creating resources, we listen to your ideas. We engage in a back-and-forth creative process so that the content being built looks and feels exactly how you want it to.


Unlike a development company, our background in education gives us the qualifications to create lessons, meet educational standards, write curriculum, create badges, and design activities that teachers and students will actually use.


Not only do we have the background to create educational content, but we have the creative team to develop it. We currently specialize in developing interactive websites from concept  to portal. Creating not owning – then supporting your team to maintain and update

Our Vision

Our goal is to spread the wealth of content we create with you across the world, to help educators and students who may not have the capacity to create such content, while making sure your project is sustainable by meeting your business goals and/or helping you secure funding.

Meet Our Advisory Board

Our advisory board includes some of the most experienced and skilled people in their respective fields. Not only that, but they give us their valuable time for no other reason than to help make a difference! As an added bonus, they are absolutely wonderful people.