Education Anywhere

Eddywhere is a cooperative that works together with school districts, companies and individuals to co-create Work-Based Learning experiences that help people navigate the world of work.

Where in the world can you find resources, materials and experiences to cultivate your strengths, interests, values ?

VitaNavis™ uses the SuperStrong™ interest assessment to find educational and career pathways for you. For each pathway, we link your interests to careers, salaries, job outlooks, skills, and the education you'll need to meet your goals.

The Warehouse

Dreamed up from the ideals of the collective, we have created an online space where you can download, share, buy, and sell educational resources relating to the World of Work.

The Eddywhere Warehouse (aka Eddyware)

Dream Engineers

We take on projects that are meaningful to us. Everything we create is rooted in a shared ambition for a better world, one that offers a great education for every person. We seek out schools and districts that are building initiatives based on dreams like this, and we use our skills to actualize them. We are eager to use our creativity to build more dreams for schools.

View our current projects here.

World of Workforce

At Eddywhere, we call the talented individuals that make up our workforce the World of Workforce Developers. This Workforce is comprised of Gig Workers that are experts in everything you need to complete your goals.

Who are our World of Workforce Developers?

Gaining Through Giving

Our goal is to spread the wealth of content we create with you, across the world, to help those who may not have the capacity to create such content, while benefiting you. We believe in Corporate Social Responsibility, and we proudly give back to the schools we work with.